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A 75 minute theatrical comedy roller coaster ride through Iceland’s literary heritage.

Went with my whole family and we couldn’t stop laughing!
— D.Winterthur, Switzerland
Hilarious and engaging both for the newcomer and Saga enthusiast.
— Jensen Scheuer, Canada
The perfect ending to my trip
— Robert Fanning, USA
Totally brilliant!
— Dagur B. Eggertsson, The Mayor of Reykjavik

What to do in Reykjavik? Looking for an evening entertainment?

Come and see Icelandic Sagas The Greatest Hits - a comedy theater roller-coaster ride through all 40 of the epic Icelandic Sagas! 

A 75 minute spectacle - performed by two brilliant actors in english - This show will entertain and enlighten Viking enthusiasts of all ages!

“The shepherd was bent forward with the neck stretched forward. Thorgeir swung the axe and cut him across the neck. When asked why he had done such a thing he replied: “I could not resist when he stood so convenient for hewing.”
The Saga of the Sworn Brothers

“Þorbjörn rushed up holding his spear in two hands and ran Atli through. Atli looked down and said: “They’re in fashion these days, the broad spears” as the blood spewed forth from his wound.”
The Saga of Grettir the strong

“Thorgrím climbed up on the roof. Gunnar saw a red coat appear at the window and lunged at Thorgrím with his spear. Thorgrím’s feet slipped from under him and he tumbled from the roof. He then walked over to Gizur who asked: “Well, is Gunnar home?” Thorgrím answered:“All I know is that his spear is!” and fell dead to the ground.”
The Saga of Burnt Njal

“Hildigunna took the cloak and and wrapped Hoskuld’s gouts of gore up in it. Then she went to Flosi and threw the cloak over him, and as the gore rattled down all over him she called out: “This cloak you gave to my husband, and now I give it back and order you by your manhood to take vengeance on my behalf or else be called every man’s dog.”
The Saga of Salmon Valley

The Icelandic Sagas...


...are 40 unique and realistic stories describing the settlement of Iceland. Detailing Viking raids abroad and blood-feuds at home, the Sagas are the absolute crown jewels of Icelandic culture. The beloved heroes, and vilified anti-heroes, are ordinary farmers and raiders facing real-life problems like how to get your wife to stop killing your neighbour’s slaves, what to do when someone calls you a horse-ass-eater and how to sue your brother in-law for not... living up to his wife’s expectations. These amazing sagas, preserved on calf-skin manuscripts for a millenia, are the true inspiration behind Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Now you can experience them all in:

Icelandic Sagas - The Greatest Hits! 

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The Location

The show is performed at The Northern Lights Hall.

Before or after the show you can take a tour of this award winning building. Enjoy fine dining at the Italian inspired Kolabrautin restaurant on the top floor or a lighter meal at Smurstöðin, the nordic cuisine specialists.


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